7 Reasons to move your business to Office 365

The total cost of ownership of on premises Microsoft Office and email solutions can get high, particularly when you factor in hardware and management costs on top of the licensing.  Here are 7 reasons you should move your productivity tools into the cloud.

1.  All of your data available from anywhere

With applications for all devices, and excellent synchronisation between them, you can update documents, contacts and calendars on one device and all others will update automatically!

2.  Lower up front costs

Implementing on premises solutions involve costly licensing for Operating Systems, Products, as well as costly hardware.  Office 365 allows you to get straight into your productivity with a low entry point

3.  Low maintenance costs

On top of the initial costs for on premises solutions, you have the ongoing costs, such as support and upgrades.  Again, these are covered with your 365 subscription.

4.  Always up to date

No more costly outages for updates and you can transfer the risk.  Office 365 is kept up to date in a way which wont affect availability.

5.  Scalable

Office 365 grows as your company grows.  Need another account?  Just create one.  An employee leaves?  Close one down.  You don't need to worry about planning future hardware, power and real estate for your servers.

6.  Excellent storage

Have you ever had corporate email and the dreaded "Your mailbox is full"?  Most of us have at some point, but with Office 365 you get a whopping 50GB for email!

7.  Single sign on

With a standardised toolset you need only remember a single password.  The same account will get you access to your email, SharePoint, and Office applications.

So if you feel any of the above reasons are good enough for you to move to Office 365, get in touch at sales@wraith-solutions.com