Using some of the best assessment and scanning tools available we can perform an internal and external vulnerability assessment of your systems, detecting the majority of known vulnerabilities.

The assessments can be performed remotely, or if necessary on site and we will provide a detailed report of any detected vulnerabilities.  We can even provide assistance in the remediation phase, if you or your on site IT team require it.

Any vulnerabilities detected will of course be confidential so you can rest easy knowing your systems are secure.

Vulnerability assessments should be part of your regular system maintenance, being performed at a minimum of annually, but due to the rate at which new vulnerabilities are detected, quarterly is preferred..

What is a vulnerability assessment?

A vulnerability assessment is often confused with penetration testing.  Usually a vulnerability assessment is used in an environment with full access to the system information (white box) and is used when an organisation wants to capture as many vulnerabilities as possible, essentially the low hanging fruit.  As all the information is required, and no exploitation of the vulnerabilities is undertaken this assessment is requires significantly less time and in most cases provides the greatest return.  

Penetration testing on the other hand is more targeted at trying to locate either unknown vulnerabilities or exploit the vulnerabilities detected to provide an example of what exactly is available to an attacked.  This can be performed under various conditions, such as with no information (black box), testing a specific application, attempting to remain undetected etc.  As such, a penetration test requires more time, more tools and a higher level of expertise, thus can become a highly expensive endeavour.